Beal Motorsports – Lake Havasu Wrap Up


We’re home from the beautiful Lake Havasu, AZ Lucas Oil Drag Boat Race. We knew heading out on the western swing that there was a potential wind problem for Lake Havasu, so Lucas Oil shortened the course to 1000′ for all boats. Thankfully the wind forecast kept improving as the days got closer. We started Friday morning off with an early qualifying session, Casey jumped right into the field with a 5.79 (5.70 index). Shannon’s first run was a bit too quick with a 5.36 (5.40 index).

The second half of the day was opened to a test-n-tune. We sat out the test session and got the fire-boat ready for the show-n-shine up on Main Street. Man, what a crowd we got! It was packed, the whole show from 6-9pm.

Saturday morning the wind settled down and we got back to qualifying. Casey’s second qualifying run was a 5.75 which put him in 3rd. Shannon’s second pass got a little out of shape from water conditions, he ended up shutting it off early to a 5.69. This put Shannon in 4th place after Q2. The wind was still down, so we went ahead with the third session of qualifying.  Casey ran a 5.73 and stayed qualified #3 as the whole field improved. Shannon went to the top spot and qualified #1 with a 5.42. These qualifying positions allowed Shannon to stay #1 overall in the Pro Outlaw Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series national points! It also moved Casey up to the #5 spot in the Pro Modified national points.

Unfortunately, this is where our race weekend would end. The wind picked up on Sunday and turned Lake Havasu into an ocean. The race was cancelled Sunday morning with the wind already at 20 and predicted to keep increasing to 30+ mph!

The World Finals is turning out to be exciting, a close points battle in all classes!

We want to thank Cody Childress and TNT racing for the use of their generator all weekend (ours broke on the trip out!). We want to offer special thanks to our friends and sponsors Geoff and Meridith Archer with Twisted Liquid Marine. Their dedication to the future of our sport with their two Junior Drag Boat Racing League boats have turned out to be an awesome deal! Can’t wait to see what next year brings the JRDBRL! We also want to thank Pat and Cheri Wilson, Lynn’s Heavy Hauling, Sampica Racing, Wilson & Vestweber, Lucas Oil Products, and all of our crew Steve and Shirley Beal, Rob and Kathy Downs, Greg Leigh, Mike Heyl, and Jim Sampica.

See everyone at the World Finals in a few weeks!

Cards for Levi and Beal Motorsports

Everyone here at Beal Motorsports was excited to see the racing community jump in and make Levi’s birthday special. Levi is little boy that turned 5 on Sept 4th (a huge race fan!). He suffers from a bone eating type of Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH). This is a rare cancer that begins in LCH cells (a type of dendritic cell which fights infection).


Here is Levi showing the care package we sent. We sent a Beal Motorsports t-shirt, koozie, signed fan card, a hot wheels drag boat, and a Lucas Oil lanyard. Our team also signed the Lucas Oil flag that made it way around the pits at the 5th Annual Diamond Drag Boat Nationals in Wheatland, Mo. We want to thank Janet Ebert (Ebert Racing) for organizing that event and letting us take part! Racers are among some of the most caring groups of people there are and we are thankful to be part of it! If you or your team are interested in sending a fan card, please search for the group, “Cards for Levi” on Facebook. It will have all the information needed. Our hearts and prayers go out to Levi and his family.

Beal Motorsports Lakeside Speedway Wrap Up – Preparing for Wheatland

IMG_20150831_140202The display at Lakeside Speedway on August 21, went really well. We visited with fans for several hours on both the boat and the upcoming race in Wheatland, MO. Lucas Oil Speedway donated some give-a-ways for the fans as well as our team giving out some t-shirts and koozies. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of them out at Wheatland. Our team again, wants to thank Angi and Shane Roach, Shane Roach Concrete and Construction, Lucas Oil, and Lucas Oil Speedway for making this event a success.

We are now preparing for the 5th Annual Diamond Drag Boat Nationals in Wheatland, Mo this weekend. This race kicks off the final (3) race swing of our season. From Wheatland, we go to Lake Havasu, AZ, then on to the World Finals in Phoenix, AZ. Since it is our home track, we are always excited about the races in Wheatland. Most of our sponsors get to come as well as family and friends. With this being our first full season with a two boat team, we are excited to say both boats are doing well. Our new “Split Decision 3” (black boat) is aiming for a top 5 finish in Pro Modified national points, while “Split Decision 2” (fire boat) is leading the Pro Outlaw national points by a slim margin. We expect both classes to be a battle down to the finish and be decided at the World Finals. Everyone have a safe trip to Wheatland and we will see you all there!

The “Split Decision 2” Pro Outlaw Drag Boat on Display at Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City, KS


Come on out to the Lakeside Speedway this Friday, Aug 21, for the United States Modified Touring Series. We will have the 2,500-horsepower “Split Decision 2” Pro Outlaw Drag Boat on display.

We will have fan cards and other give-a-ways for the kids (young and old) to hand out, plus we will be firing it up!

We are promoting the 5th Annual Diamond Drag Boat Nationals at the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo., Sept 4-6.

We want to thank Angi Roach, Shane Roach Concrete & Construction and Lakeside Speedway for making this happen.

You can read more about the USMTS race at

Also visit or to find out more about drag boat racing and the 5th Annual Diamond Drag Boat Nationals.

Beal Motorsports Update – Annual John Haas Memorial Drag Boat Classic


The weekend started out a little rough for Beal Motorsports. Both boats were serviced when we returned from the spring race in Phoenix. First thing at Wheatland, we found and issue with the black boat. We did an engine tear down (5 shattered head studs, there was an issue with the hardening process). We borrowed a few and had some new studs shipped in (A big thank you goes out to the Tutle’s, Texas Outriggers, and TNT racing). It was finally fixed.

The fire boat started great in the pits but kept hurting small things at the hit on each qualifying attempt (belt, plug wires, burst panels). We didn’t get down the track during qualifying on Friday unfortunately. We finally figured out that it was a fuel delivery issue and were ready for eliminations on Saturday.

Both boats won first round of eliminations. Casey won against the always tough Marty Logan and team. Shannon won against Tommy Thompson (Tommy turned on the red light). It was an exciting time with all of the gremlins that we were facing. Casey lost in the second round against Shawn Reed. Casey got a small reaction time advantage but, just didn’t have enough on the other end. Congrats to Shawn and his team on winning the race and to Tyler Tutle and team on the runner-up! Shannon had a bye in the second round. In the third round, we were against Papa Jim Richards. Shannon turned on the red light against Papa Jim. Papa Jim and his team had a heck of a run with a .020 light and a 5.44. pass against Shannon’s -.044 red and a 5.47. Congrats to Robert Leas and the Desperado team on their win and to Papa Jim and his Alkahauler team on their runner-up.

Even with the crazy weather and the gremlins, the weekend turned out great. We want to thank our Team (Steve and Shirley Beal, Greg Leigh, Mike & Mary Heyl, Rob & Kathy Downs, Tyler Downs, Melissa Beal, Elizabeth Beal, and Angi Roach) for all of their hard work. We also want to thank our marketing partners and friends that came to Wheatland (Lee and Cheri Wilson, Shane and Angi Roach, Geoff and Meridith Archer) We appreciate all of our friends and family that came out to support us. We look forward to seeing everyone in a couple weeks at the San Angelo, TX race.

Beal Motorsports 2015 Race Pre-Season Update


The off season has been a busy time for us here at Beal Motorsports!

We want to thank our marketing partners that are returning for the 2015 season.  John and Theresa Lynn with “Lynn’s Heavy Hauling,” Shane and Angi Roach with Shane Roach “Concrete & Construction,” Andrea Risinger with “H2OnGO” hot boating apparel and accessories, Geoff and Meredith Archer with “Twisted Liquid Marine,” Wilson & Vestweber,” Kent Fauntleroy with “LIFELINE” Safety and Race Gear, Jim Sampica with “Sampica Racing,” and special thanks to Pat and Cheri Wilson. We thank you both for your continued support and certainly wouldn’t be where we are at, without you.

We would also like to welcome new marketing partners for 2015. Lucas Oil Products, Inc. as a product sponsor providing our oil and chemicals for the 2015 season. Troy McDonald with “Eagle Motorsports” Custom Engines, Hot Boats and Hot Rods, Jake Simon with “STX Coatings,” Geoff and Meredith Archer’s “Junior Drag Boat Racing League” who’s providing (2) boats to the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series for the JRDBRL exhibition class in 2015. We are all hoping to push this into an official class for 2016. We couldn’t be happier to help promote these boats and grow the sport with new young fans. We also welcome “Beal Racing Engines” as a sponsor for 2015. At the request of several race teams, Steve Beal (Beal Motorsports Team Co-Owner) has started a racing engine service to help teams build and service race engines for offshore, circle boat, drag boat, and drag racing applications (you can stop by and visit with Steve in his pit at any of the LODBRS races).

We want to thank our crew Rob and Kathy Downs and Larry Thurston for all their hard work and dedication over the years. We also want to welcome two new crew members Greg Leigh and Mike Heyl to the team for an exciting 2015 season ahead of us.

We are nearly ready for the 2015 season opener in Parker, AZ on April 10-12. We are putting the finishing touches on our two boats and hope to start loading the trailer soon. We are excited to be racing boats in two classes this year. We will have a boat in Pro-Outlaw and in Pro-Mod. For the first time, we will be racing for two championships! We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re ready!

Beal Motorsports 2014 Season Wrap Up


   The Split Decision 2 promod drag boat finished the year at 5th in national points the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series. Although, not as high as we had our sights set on, we finished in the top ten and secured “Diamond Club” status for next season. We were also able to debut our second promod drag boat this year. While it took a couple races to get the setup ironed out, we are very happy with the way the boat was running at the end of the season. We are ready to take the 2015 race season by storm by committing to running both boats for a full season. Upgrades for both boats are already underway, as well as building several engines for fellow drag boat and circle boat racers.

We want to thank all of our sponsors that helped us this season. Without their help, this couldn’t be possible. Steve and Shirley Beal, team primary owners. Technical Design Solutions (Steve & Shirley), Pat and Cheri Wilson, your unwavered support and love for the sport always keeps us going. Lynn’s Heavy Hauling (John and Theresa), Shane Roach Concrete & Construction (Shane and Angi), Twisted Liquid Marine (Geoff and Meredith), LIFELINE safety gear, Wilson & Vestweber (Lee, Cheri, Joel, & Janet), Jim Sampica, and Mike Tiehen.

Lastly, we also couldn’t have done it without our crew.

Special Thanks to all that helped this year:

Larry and Nancy Thurston, Pat Wilson, Robert and Kathy Downs, Tyler Downs, Greg Leigh, Josh Jankowski, Melissa Beal, and Elizabeth Beal

More updates coming soon! SB